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Audiovisual, media and communication law

Contract law

The firm supports audiovisual and cinema industry professionals (audiovisual production companies, TV channels, animation studios, audiovisual distribution companies, post-production companies), in the auditing, drafting and negotiation of your production and distribution contracts in order to bring a sense of security to your projects and to help you to move forward serenely with your business partners.

Our firm also works in the sectors of the media and communications, multimedia and video games, advertising and musical production, in order to provide support tailored to the contractual practices of each industry.

  • Production agreements, deal memo and co-coproduction agreements, production services agreements, distribution, broadcast rights, operating agreements, etc.)​

  • Negotiation of financing agreements (TV channels, SOFICA, partnership, contractors, grants and funding)

  • Contractual audit

  • Service agreements, Terms and Conditions 

Intellectual property

Whether for the production of recorded images (cinema, series and documentaries) or for your animated and cartoon film projects, our firm accompanies you in your relations with creators: authors of screenplays, dialogues, adaptations, musical compositions, authors of the adapted pre-existing works, and directors. We take charge of operations linked to intellectual property, inherent to the relations between the author and the producer, assignment of rights and the remuneration of authors.

  • Verification of the chain of intellectual property rights

  • Intellectual property clearance (trademarks, author’s rights)

  • Drafting and negotiation of contracts with authors (art and literary Bible, scriptwriter, director, music composer, option)

  • Character merchandising

  • Negotiation with talent agents

Image rights

Consent must be obtained for the use of people’s images and more generally any attributes of their personalities (private life, image, voice, name, etc.). We analyze your projects on a case-by-cases basis to identify the potential risks and to allow you to get around the obstacles that could compromise the success of your projects. We accompany you in the identification of the elements to be cleared, the search for rights owners and negotiation for the use of the protected items. We also draw up agreements for assignment of rights and other authorizations.

  • Scenario audits, clearance (personality rights and privacy)

  • Authorization for use of image

  • Assignment of image right

  • Digital dubbing agreement​

Labor law

Like all companies, the cultural and creative industries deal with labor law issues on a daily basis. Our firm can help you in your relations with your employees (from hiring to the termination of employment contracts). We pay special attention to the issue of ownership of intellectual property rights in relation to the creative activity of your employees in order to bring a sense of security to your collaborative projects.

  • Drafting of employment contracts (permanent, fixed term contract, intermittent)

  • Drafting of employment contracts with performers

  • Termination of the employment contract et mutuel termination of contract

  • Employment-related legal disputes

Company law

We will help you to deal with the legal issues that your company faces to allow you to focus your energy on your projects. Our firm provides you with additional support for your everyday tasks in corporate law, tax law, commercial law, IT, etc.

  • Corporate legal paperwork for regular operations (approval of accounts, appointment or renewal of managers, etc.) and exceptional transactions (capital increases, admission of new shareholders, mergers, split-ups, spin-offs, etc.),

  • Debt collection

  • Contractual relationships (suppliers, contractors, subcontractors, professional premises)

  • Trademark and innovation protection strategies (trademark applications, assignment and licensing agreements relating to trademark, software, etc.)

  • Pre-litigation and litigation

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